This ain't your granddaddy's comic book publisher.

We don't do superhero comics, for one. Look, we're not bashing superhero comics or anything. It's just...there's enough of that out there, you know? We're not sure there's anything we can bring the world via a superhero that the world doesn't already have.

But... what about all those other people? The ones who aren't fighting super villains, because instead they're dealing with the real shit out there.

Anxiety. Losing your job. Getting pregnant early — with twins. Gangsters taking over the neighborhood. Money problems. Issues in the bedroom. Stubborn toe infections.

We tell those stories. And we do it our way — giving ultimate flexibility to creators, setting them up to make long-term income from their work, working fully digitally (hence the name Backlit) and running badass marketing campaigns that go beyond what traditional comic book publishers churn out.

Made with love since 2018. 


Joshua Garrison is a writer and storyteller living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Marketer by day, Editor-in-Chief of Backlit Comics by night, Josh’s main goal at Backlit is to tell consistently great stories, consistently. 

Gleb de Pio is an illustrator and comic book artist living in Davao City, Philippines. Gleb has an abiding love of fantasy, sci-fi, and sequential art. His unique style and ability to coax real human emotions from lines on the page make him the creative powerhouse behind Backlit’s stories.