Island P.I. Vol 1: M is for Madame

For hard-bitten private investigator Ramón “Ram” Stuczynski, today sucked from the minute his head left the pillow. So, when a client appears with a simple case that Ram knows will be easy to solve, he counts his blessings and chalks it up to good karma.

Yeah, about that...

When their run-of-the-mill burglary turns out to be anything but ordinary, Ram, his whiz-kid partner Chief, and their Van (who is much more than meets the eye) get thrown into a mess that threatens to plunge Island City into bloody chaos.

With help from a cat and a wisecracking pawnbroker, they hone in on the Madame at the center of a vast conspiracy — and make a deadly enemy in the process. Caught in a hail of bullets, the Island P.I. crew need every shred of grit and wit they've got to stay alive.

Do they have what it takes to save Island City from the terrible human cost of one woman’s greed?